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Old 01-12-2012, 03:07 AM
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Post Store Manager for Pinnacle Cart Version: Released

New Features:

HTTP tunnel:
- New type of database connection has been added - HTTP tunnel. This is an alternative way of connecting to your database and it possesses the features both of Pinnacle Cart direct and bridge connection.
- this type of connection is useful if you don?t have direct access to MySQL database;
- you don?t need to do POST \ GET operations each time to refresh data on store and in Store Manager for Pinnacle Cart
- .php file is used by HTTP -tunnel, that?s why the speed of work depends on your channel speed capacity. If you have unstable
connection, it is better for you to use bridge connection as it works with database cash. We don?t recommend importing products if

HTTP tunnel is set up. We are working on the improvement of connection and planning to implement caching in the next release;
- New automatic connection wizard. Now you can use Simple or Advanced mode for configuration of settings. All you need for simple mode
is just to fill in FTP settings. All the rest will be done by our Connection Wizard. If you are familiar with communication protocols you can use Advanced mode;

- New version of one of the most popular Addon: Pinnacle Cart eBay Integration Addon , has been released;
Now you can:
- map products: to automatically assign the products if they are already located in eBay
- synchronize products info between eBay and your store;
- re-list your products in eBay. It is especially, useful if the auction was closed or you did not sell the product for some time and want to start selling it again;
- you can invoke product search by pressing hot key - Ctrl + F in products window.
- New Doba Integration Addon was integrated, which allows importing products from Doba to your store automatically. The addon is now
available for Beta-testing;
- New filters were added in Orders section: Order Status, Payment Status, Last 30 days.

- The improvements of Copy&Paste option have been made: now in the separate window you can choose which items to copy. Also, we have
added the ability to copy products when ?Show All Grouped? filter is set.
- Count Attributes Fields option was transferred to Tab "Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields" of Product Import Wizard. It was done
to make the process of products import more convenient.
- If you open Preferences, press ?Select Database? button and you have more than 10 databases on your MySQL server, then now you have
the ability to see them listed in a separate window.
- New style of Ribbon menu (MS Office 2010 style) and 3 new Skins styles have been added. You can choose new styles in Tools tab by
pressing "Skins" button.

- Previously if the database connection was lost, Store Manager froze. Now, after the loss of connection, the program notifies the user about the issue so he could fix it and get back to work;
- An error TfmImportExport.acNextExecute:1]: Out of memory , which occurred during the import of file of large size was fixed and now
if you import big files the process is done correctly.
- File extension ?ini? could not be added to the name of configuration, when name was in the following format ?;
- The images were not updated after they were added. Now, the images are updated automatically as soon as they are added to the
- In the previous versions of Store Manager the wrong link to Shopping Cart Admin Area was generated. Now the link is correct;
- The names of the Tabs in Preferences window could not be translated. Now you can translate them through project and
download the version with translation;
- Some minor fixes in Products Search dialog window have been made.

- In order to improve Store Manager usability and performance we have added anonymous usage statistics gathering functionality

This version is available in MagneticOne Store. You can order it or download the installation package if you already did. Download link is available on order detals page of your account.
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